Designpro Network Systems is a full-service custom software consultancy with an emphasis on commercial and management projects.

Newsletter main functionality:

- Group of Subscribers
- eMail open stats
- Embed images:
- Sender address:
- Save current draft as
- Full Editor with upload media
- Send with Attachments
- Filters for Subscribers
- Group Management
- Add single subscriber
- Add subscribers in this group by default:
- Settings: newsletters settings - text-definition - User
- Export and Import from filetype: SQL, txt, CSV.
- Blacklist

Content Management System

Whenever you want to reduce your company costs and improve staff efficiency, or expand your business by utilising new technologies or sales channels, our C.m.s. is here to work with you to achieve your goals.

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Hotel Booking Software

The Hotel Book Pro hotel booking system software offers a fully responsive and innovative booking engine for hotel websites allowing you to easily manage and handle reservations on your hotel's website. Hotel Book Pro technical team guarantees the constant and smooth operation of your hotel's booking engine.

Ecommerce System Management

Our E-Commerce platform allows anyone to easily sell online and gives clients the faster way to create an online marketplace. Paypal, Bank Transaction and Credit Cards payment methods.

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